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History of the Purebreed Lusitanian Horse and its morphological features.

The Purebreed Lustianian Horse

Ridden for about 5000 years, it is a “hot blood” horse, such as the English Purebreed and the Arabic Purebreed. The Purebreed Lusitanian horse is the result of a selection of thousands of years, assuring an empathy with the horse rider, superior to any other modern breed.

It is a versatile horse, extremely docile, agile and brave, what enables it to compete in all modalities of the modern equestrian sport.

In the 21st century, the Purebreed Lusitanian Horse, will be the horse by excellence for the Equestrian Art and for Bullfighting. It is considered to be the horse that gives more pleasure to ride and it will continue to surprise for its natural ability for obstacles, teaching and hitching competition.